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You could jump on some message boards and maybe be banned for spamming and having your links quickly removed. You could spend hundreds of hours opening and running your own MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts while losing track of your whole day to day business operations. Now, there is a better alternative for the do it yourself online marketer, DivvyWork.


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DivvyWork lets you rent high value online marketing ad space in the form of banner ads or text link ads. You can buy syndication packages for press releases, articles, or even link syndication packages. You can place links on people’s Blogs with our Blog Blurb Links offer. DivvyWork also lets you hire online marketing experts, content creators and web professionals in case you need help setting up the perfect marketing campaign. In short, DivvyWork lets you find the resource you need to create promotion for any product or service through online media.

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Best of all, you get everything you need to start and manage a successful online marketing campaign in one centralized location. Reporting services let you manage every cent you spend on each campaign you run. The DivvyWork order management system allows you to manage all jobs and workers for every job you outsource. Centralized billing means you will not be writing out 50 checks to 50 people every month. And since you can create your own job offers just about any type of marketing activity is possible through the DivvyWork system.

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DivvyWork was created by a developer with years of experience in the SEO/SEM industry. The system is advanced enough to be used by SEO firms to handle all of their day to day online marketing activities; yet simple enough to be understood by the online marketing do it yourselfer. If you are looking for a way to reduce marketing costs while increasing your company’s product, service, or website’s online visibility DivvyWork might be just what you are looking for.

The interiors of a house speak a lot about its owners. The floors, the walls, the furniture, the upholstery and all the minute details that make up the entire home décor, can give you a peek into what the owners are all about. That the owners have an eye for something out-of-the-ordinary is evident in the material and design of the picture frames that they adorn their walls with; not to mention the pictures.

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It is not necessary that you will have to include an all-modern or all-ethnic look in the picture frames to add to the wall décor of your home, you can put a little bit of this, a little bit of that or put both in moderation to make your very own ensemble that will leave the onlookers captivated. The first thing to lay claim on the onlookers’ mind should be the subject or the picture, followed by the frame; doing the opposite, however, can create a wrong and even adverse reaction than what it is expected to. Your endeavor to create a statement through the picture frames can make it an object of amusement among them if you do not take good care at the time of choosing the frame.

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The kids’ room always has a colorful and warm look that instantly refreshes the mind and takes you back to your childhood. So, keeping that in mind, choose photo frames that come in designs, shapes and sizes in sync with the décor.

If yours is a room with a blend of cross-cultural décor, choose picture frames that can efficiently communicate your style to anybody who looks at it.

Today’s generation seems to have a fetish for living life out in the public. That could be the reason why they like to take pictures of every single moment of their loneliness, their boredom, their leisure, their studies, and what not. To accommodate so many “precious moments” of their life can be quite cumbersome and challenging for you so, you can get digital or umbra picture frames as a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.

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It is true that photo frames have a decorative value when it comes to beautifying your home interiors but their gifting value should not be overlooked. In an auspicious occasion like wedding, decorative photo frames can create wonders as the ace up your gifting sleeve.

There are a variety of decorative photo frames available in the market that sport distinctive style and unmatched appeal in their design. All of them are unique in their own style; all of them can create an interesting drawl of beauty and creativity in your interiors and all of them can speak your taste to the world.

It is not necessary that such designer photo frames are available only in the posh boutiques and high street showrooms. Even the local store can offer you an assortment of those beautiful artworks to jazz up your home decor.

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With the differing choices of people, the style of decorating their home interiors varies greatly. Some like to place them on the tabletop to heighten the beauty of a corner of their living room, while some other like to beautify the bedroom walls with a series of decorative metal or wood photo frames.

Whether it is textured with a blend of several colors, or hand-crafted on wood, decorative photo frames are sure to make you spellbound. Their finesse, their style and their charisma can create a hue of magnificence into the décor of your office.

Aesthetically designed photo frames with a simple touch of craft can become a wall art in the conference room of your office. If you have a private cabin, you can add a dash of scenic beauty to it by putting up photo frames made of precious metal on the wall opposite to the main door or the wall behind your seat.

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Selecting the right photo frames to go with your clicked pictures can pretty cumbersome. Keep in mind the fact that the only objective of photo frames is not encasing a picture to protect it from damage or depreciation but to also augment its appeal in the eyes of the beholder.

Submerge in the breathtaking beauty of the decorative Anniversary photo frames if you want to gift your friends with it on their first wedding anniversary, but do not forget the taste factor make or break their image before the onlookers who visit their home.


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If you believe in themes, pick Anniversary photo frames based on a theme. Themed frames are quite popular and available in aplenty in the market. Take your pick based on the tastes of the couple, and surprise them with it.

Before gifting them with Anniversary photo frames, inquire if the couple have wallpaper on the walls of their home. This is because; the frame should always be in contrast with the wallpaper in terms of color, texture and design. Contrasted frames actually complement the walls because of the great appeal they create as contrast to the wallpaper.

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